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Looking at the thousands of cigar products available in different stores and cigar shops today, can you really tell a good cigar from a bad one? Most times, it doesn’t matter because you’re only focused on the way a cigar tastes. So if it tastes good to you, you say it’s a good cigar, and if doesn’t taste good, you say it’s a bad cigar. Well, may I let you know that taste is not only the factor that determines the best cigar; other factors also matter in choosing the right product.

Without much ado, here are some common qualities you’ll encounter in the best cigars:


The appearance of a cigar is the first thing you’ll notice. A cigar can have a gnarly appearance and the taste can be awesome. However, most good cigars have a desirable visual hallmark.

A supple, oils wrappers with a seamless finish and few veins are good signs of a good cigar. When you notice inconsistent or splotchy wrapper color, most times, it suggests hurried fermentation or less selectivity on the part of the maker.

Tiny white speckles of fume and toothy wrappers often signify proper aging and humidification. However, do not purchase a cigar with a dried-out or cracked wrapper.

Inspect the cigar’s foot and observe for a consistent fold of tobacco with no airy pockets or gaps on the wrapper.

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You don’t have to labor to get a good draw, however, the draw should have a little resistance. A cigar that isn’t properly assembled won’t give you a good draw. When it pulls too loosely or easily, it shows that it is under-filled and won’t burn straight.

Experienced cigar-rollers know how to achieve the perfect draw and they always follow the exact ratios of binder and filler tobaccos.

You can squeeze a cigar gently from the foot to the head to see if it would give a firm resilience, with no noticeable hard or soft spot or unwanted veins.

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Taste and Aroma

After visual inspection, the next thing to examine is usually the tangible element of taste. The taste and aroma work together and they are smooth and balanced in the best cigars.

Although taste is subjective, the best cigars won’t cause you to wonder when they will start to taste good while smoking them. Most times, the best options have a pleasant taste and entice from the moment you light it up until you navigate the nub.

Don’t forget what you’ve had to drink or eat will affect the taste of your cigar. So, one way to get the best result is to always keep your palate hydrated in the process of smoking.

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Cigars come at different prices and they range from less than a dollar a piece to $20 or more. Many factors can influence the price of a cigar, including size, shape, rarity, aging, taxes, packaging and more.

However, no matter the price, the best cigar would always leave an impression that it’s worth the price you paid for it.

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There are many products that are inconsistent in the market. However, the best cigars are consistent in every box. Even when you a product from different boxes throughout the year, it will state taste the same if it is a good product.

Expert blenders know how to make cigars at scale and they have vast inventories of tobaccos to keep their cigars consistent, in the event of an unforeseen lapses in production or a difficult growing season.

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Final Remark

You have to be careful when choosing cigar supplies. The appearance, construction, taste & aroma, value and consistency all matters when shopping for the best cigar. If you’re asking “where can I get a cigar shop near me?” or looking for the best cigar shop, Smokedale Tobacco is the best store to buy from. We have a collection of only the best quality cigars.