Buoy Mint Green 6oz Pipe Tobacco

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Buoy Mint Green Pipe Tobacco is indeed unique in flavor and authenticity. Not to mention, the brand’s manufacturer, Rouseco Co, only uses premium, all-natural Burley, Virginia, and Turkish blends of tobacco in all its products! Therefore, you’ll never smoke harmful chemicals when you choose Buoy Mint Green as your number-one go-to brand and flavor for your source of satisfaction! In terms of affordability, well, we think that’s selling point all on its own! In fact, you can roll a carton’s worth (200 cigarettes/10 packs) with our 6oz bag of Buoy Mint Green Tobacco! Even better, our 6oz bag could be yours for less than six-bucks! Now add that up and compare it to your current spending, that’s how much you’ll save when you switch to Buoy today!

Manufacturer : Rouseco Inc

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Brand Rouseco Inc
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