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  • 20 Fresh $100 Bill Rolling Papers
  • Includes Filter Tips
  • Non GMO
  • 100% Organic
  • Made From Organic Food Grade Vegetable Paper

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These Greenbacks $100 Bill Rolling Papers are literally money, so go ahead and roll up like a boss. You won’t be able to spend these Greenback Papers at the supermarket, but these unique rolling papers are 100% organic, non-GMO and made from Organic Food Grade Vegetable Paper. Plus, each pack of twenty papers comes with filter tips so you can roll them perfectly every time. Nothing says “baller” like smoking out of straight cash.

Rolling your own is the classic way to smoke. They let you taste the product like no other and are perfect for puffing, puffing again, then passing.

For cone-smokers, it can be hard to personalize your smoke session: most papers are either brown or white (boring). So throw some character into your rolls with these $100 Bill papers. They’re the best kind of rolling material (that crinkly, veggie-based paper that doesn’t get so wadded up) and they won’t break the bank...even though they’re money! Plus, the filters increase your ease of rolling and enjoyment of smoking every single time.

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