Torch Diamond | Extrax - Oleoresin THCO/THCP 2.2gram Disposable

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Torch Diamond | Extrax - Oleoresin THCO/THCP 2.2gram Disposable
  • Torch Diamond Extrax Disposable Vape | 2200mg

    Extrax has joined forces with fellow industry leading Hemp company Torch to bring you the exclusive Torch Diamond Extrax collection. This epic collaboration will have you enjoying the combination of Extrax delicious terpenes and cannabinoids inside a proprietary ceramic coil technology disposable pen. These high quality devices deliver a long lasting, unique experience. These disposables contain THC-O and THC-P blended with Oleoresin which ensures a great tasting flavor down to the last puff.

    Torch Diamond Extrax Disposable Oleoresin Strains

    • Dosi Punch (Indica) – This Indica heavy strain has a delicious flavor of sweet fruit along with a pungent fuel aroma. The feeling is often described as body heavy and may leave you couch locked.
    • Champagne Breath (Sativa) – This Sativa strain includes a champagne-like aroma mixed with sweet pear. This pleasant strain may leave you with an uplifting heady feeling. Expect to start with a euphoric-like state that transitions into a relaxing body high.
    • Paradise OG (Hybrid) – This Hybrid strain has very delicate undertones of pine, citrus, and a mild grape flavor.
    • Laughing Gas (Hybrid) – This Hybrid strain has a sweet citrus flavor along with a diesel-like taste. You can expect a pine, herbal aroma along with a well balanced focus.
    • Diced Pineapples (Sativa) – this sativa strain will give an uplifting effect. You can expect a delicious flavor of sweet fruit along with a pungent fuel aroma.
    • Honey Buns (Hybrid) – hybrid strain has sweet lavender and creamy flavor. This strain is an even balance of Indica 50% & Sativa 50%.
    • Pirate Milk (Hybrid) – this hybrid strain is a cross between Cherry Pie, Cookies, Gelato and London Pound Cake. If you are looking for a strain that gives you excitement and relaxation this is the one for you.
    • Truffleati (Indica) – This Indica strain has a delicious fruity and dessert taste. With no doubt this flavor with please you and your senses.

    Additional Product Info

    • 2.2 gram Disposable Device
    • Not Refillable
    • Blend of THC-O & THC-P
    • Rechargeable – USB-C Cable
    • USB-C Cable not included
    • Pre-Heat Function – Click 5 times to turn on / click 2 times to pre-heat
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